Not Sure What Is Considered a Reliable Removal Firm?

Things to Consider When Looking for a Professional Residential Moving Service

Moving house is always an extremely stressful process. Packing all your belongings and leaving your home is hard enough, however, trusting strangers to move your stuff safely can really make stress levels soar. Whether you are moving across town, or the country, adhering to the steps below, will help you choose a reliable and honest residential moving service, that will ease your mind.

The first step is easy. Speak to the likes of family, friends and colleagues for their personal referrals on movers they’ve used previously. Local real estate agents could also offer recommendations on any local movers.

Once you have compiled a list of recommendations, call each one and ask for their company name, how long they have been in business for, what insurance they can provide, and their Department of Transportation number. For your protection, only choose moving companies who are fully licensed and insured.

Also, check with your local Better Business Bureau, in addition to any other consumer organizations. Ask about a mover’s complaint history, and find out how they resolved any issues they may have had. Most movers will have no claims against them. Even though any residential moving service can receive the odd complaint or two, the reputable ones will be the ones that respond to their clients’ need, and resolve the problem.

Then, compile another list of the companies that have good reputations, and locate a minimum of 3 movers that have actual physical address. Never do business with a company which have no physical address, as you will find most of these are scammers. Now it’s time for a face to fact, dropping in without any appointment is an excellent way to check out their facilities. Equipment and buildings must be well maintained and clean. It is also a good sign when their staff are neat and clean too, an even better one is if the staff take the time to answer any questions you may have. Should your questions not be answered, go somewhere else.